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In an emergency, reach out for immediate help by dialing 911 or contacting (call or text) the 24/7 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988.

You're not alone, support is available.

You are
not alone.


Need help managing a mental health crisis in San Diego? Check out this comprehensive list of links and resources to find the support you need.

Looking for resources to help you cope with life's challenges? This list of links provides a variety of tools and techniques to help you manage stress and build resilience.

Finding the right support group can make all the difference. This list of links provides a variety of options for those seeking support and community.

Resources are constantly in demand and subject to change. Whether you are an organization with valuable information for those in need of support or an individual looking to share a resource, please reach out to us at with your request. We are always open to new resources and connections.

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You Are Worth It. 

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