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Tranquil Soul Therapy, situated in Escondido, is a private practice led by women. Our primary objective is to advocate for self-care in mental health and eradicate the stigma surrounding it. We are dedicated to assisting our clients, comprising of military personnel and community members, in rediscovering their priorities and flourishing in their personal lives and relationships, all at an affordable price. It is essential for our clinicians to embody our mission by embracing authenticity, a sense of humor, empathy, creativity, inclusivity, and perseverance. Although we prefer in-person sessions, our clinicians have the flexibility to incorporate Telehealth into their schedules and enjoy autonomy over their own schedule. 

If you are a caring and compassionate mental health professional committed to providing excellent care to our clients, we encourage you to apply!

We are currently hiring for the following positions: 


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You Are Worth It. 

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